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Our Governance

The CHC Board has established a set of National Standards and Visiting Principles for the work of CHCs in Wales.

These national standards are designed to establish a clear picture of how the activities of a good CHC should look and feel in practice, from the perspective of patients and the public. The national standards provide the foundation upon which CHCs should plan, deliver, monitor and report upon their activities. Doing so in this way means that CHCs can more clearly demonstrate how well they meet the needs and interests of their local communities in the conduct of their activities.

The Welsh Language Standards were created because of a measure passed by the Welsh Assembly in 2011, the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure.  The purpose of Welsh Language Standards is to ensure clarity to organisations in relation to the Welsh language, ensure clarity to Welsh speakers on what services they can expect to receive in Welsh and to ensure greater consistency in Welsh language services and improve quality to users. Every public services organisation in Wales has to comply with language duties.  From 30 May 2019 the Board of CHCs and CHCs in Wales must follow the Welsh Language Standards that apply to them.  You can find out more (including what standards have been applied) at the Welsh Language Commissioner’s website: For details on our compliance see our Welsh Language Standards Report 2020-2021 and our Compliance Notice and Challenges.

The purpose of the Publication Scheme is to provide a complete guide about the information routinely published by the Board of Community Health Councils in Wales (the Board), how we publish this information and whether any fee is payable for access.  The Publication Scheme is a description of the information about the Board of CHCs which we make publicly available. We will review the Publication Scheme at regular intervals and monitor how it is operating.

The difference we want to make
Our Strategic Framework sets out how we will adapt and develop our ways of working to keep pace with the changes in our NHS, our communities and with the way people choose to communicate. We set out our ambitions to work together and differently to ensure our activities reach more people and deliver greater impact; giving our communities a genuine say in their NHS services and on the policy that frames them.
The 2020-2021 Operational Plan sets out the actions that the Board will take over the coming year in support of our 3 year strategic framework. The actions we will take this year will help ourselves and the CHCs to play an important role as the NHS responds to unprecedented challenges.  In setting our priorities, we have considered our role and involvement in some key developments:
  • Wales’s response to the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales
  • The Welsh Government’s response to the White Paper: Services fit for the future
We set out how we will work with and support CHCs to ensure our activities reach more people and deliver greater impact; giving our communities a genuine say in their NHS services and on the policy that frames them.  As well as focusing on what we do, we will continue to focus on how we do it. In particular, we will work to embed our new values and equality objectives.  CHCs are working hard to respond to significant proposals to develop and change the way NHS services are delivered locally and regionally. We will support the way in which CHCs organise themselves and take decisions on proposals that impact on people across NHS boundaries.

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Hywel Dda Community Health Council welcomes correspondence and telephone calls in Welsh,
and that communicating with us  in Welsh will not lead to delay