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Services Planning Committee

The main purpose of the services planning committee is to provide a forum for liaison with Hywel Dda University Health Board about planning and development, or proposals for changes to the provision of health services within its geographical area of ​​responsibility.

The UHB is statutorily required to participate in this way, and at the earliest opportunity, in all aspects of the development, change or variation of its services.

Services Planning Committee - Terms of Reference
Hywel Dda CHC Services Planning Committee Terms of Reference

2021-2022 Meetings

10:00 am 20 April
10:00 am 18 May
10:00 am 15 June
10:00 am 20 July
10:00 am 17 August
10:00 am 21 September
10:00 am 19 October
10:00 am 16 November
10:00 am 9 December
10:00 am 11 January
10:30 am 10 February
10:00 am 8 March
The agenda and minutes of the meetings are available by following the link for the meeting.
2020-2021 Meetings
Date and Time
Tuesday – 23 March 2021 (1pm) Services Planning Agenda 23rd March 2021 Services Planning Minutes 23 March 2021
16 February 2021
Services Planning Agenda 16th February 2021 Services Planning Minutes 16 February 2021
14 December 2020
Services Planning Agenda 14th December 2020 Services Planning Minutes 14 December 2020
19 November 2020
Services Planning Agenda 19th November 2020 Services Planning Minutes 19 November 2020
12 October 2020
Services Planning Committee Meeting Agenda 12th October 2020 Services Planning Minutes 12th October 2020
11 September 2020
Services Planning Committee Agenda 11th September 2020 Services Planning Minutes 11 September 2020
12 August 2020
Services Planning Agenda 12 August 2020 Services Planning Minutes 12 August 2020

Meeting papers are available on request.

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