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Our Members

Our Members

Hywel Dda CHC is made up of 36 volunteers who we usually refer to as ‘members’.

Half of our members are people who have answered adverts made by the Senedd for CHC members. People complete an application form before being interviewed and then successful candidates become CHC members for a set period of time. A quarter of our members come from the Local Authority and take part in CHC activities alongside their responsibilities as councillors. Finally, the remaining CHC members are people who are already involved in local voluntary organisations – what is often called the ‘Third Sector’.

All of our full members are able to vote when the CHC has to make decisions but in addition, we also have some members who are often with us for shorter time periods and who do not vote in CHC decisions.  These temporary members are our co-opted members who join us for lots of different reasons, maybe because they have an interest in a specific subject or because they can provide us with specific support or they want to see what CHC membership involves before they apply to become full members.  Although our full members and co-opted members are all volunteers, we can pay expenses such as travel costs to make sure that they are not ‘out of pocket’

Whilst Hywel Dda CHC has a maximum number of 36 full members in total, these are spread out amongst the three counties of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. These counties represent our three different localities. There are 12 full members in each locality, meeting once every three months as a full committee and also once every three months in a more informal ‘workshop’.

Members of the Executive Committee
Mansell Bennett (Chair)
Dr Barbara Wilson (Vice Chair)
Cllr Elizabeth Evans
Dr Pauline Griffiths

Eddie Halling
Cllr David Bryan
Lindsey Moran
Donna Coleman (Chief Officer)

The Executive Committee has a Chair and Vice Chair, with the membership consisting of the Chair and Vice Chair of each Local Committee and the Chief Officer Donna Coleman. 

Local Committee Members

Welsh Government Appointees
Dr Pauline Griffiths (Chair)
Eddie Halling (Vice Chair)
Mansell Bennett
Paul Mason 
Patricia Neil
Christine Clarke
Third Sector Appointees
Ken Jones
Maureen Webley
Barry Williams
Local Authority Appointees
Cllr Louvain Roberts
Cllr Hazel Evans
Co-opted Members
Dorien Williams
Kelvin Aubrey

Welsh Government Appointees
Carol Bainbridge
Diane Richards
Morvenna Richards
Gwenda Williams
Hugh Hughes
Third Sector Appointees
Pat Bates
Marjorie Fogg
Local Authority Appointees
Cllr Elizabeth Evans (Chair)
Cllr Amanda Edwards
Cllr Wyn Evans
Co-opted Members
Dr Gabrielle Heathcote
Lucy Napier-Andrews

Welsh Government Appointees
Lindsay Moran (Vice Chair)
John Harvey
Margaret Povey
Third Sector Appointees
Dr Barbara Wilson
Local Authority Appointees
Cllr David Bryan (Chair)
Cllr Steve Yelland
Co-opted Members
David Williams
Pamela Parsons

Hywel Dda Community Health Council, Suite 5,1st Floor, Ty Myrddin, Carmarthen, SA31 1LP. 
Phone: 01646 697610 Email:

Hywel Dda Community Health Council welcomes correspondence and telephone calls in Welsh,
and that communicating with us  in Welsh will not lead to delay