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No 15 Coronavirus Street

Ralph, James and Kai are students.
As students, they would usually be living in student digs but they decided to share the house they live in (Kai inherited it from his grandmother). They like fixing cars in their spare time to make a bit of extra cash.
What the pandemic has meant for them:
  • Ralph has symptoms of an STI, he hasn’t told his friends. He has found a telephone number he can call but hasn’t done anything about it so far. He doesn’t want to tell his new girlfriend about this. He thinks the sexual health clinic is shut and is debating getting a DIY test kit through the post. He is worried he won’t be able to use it properly and would rather have a professional do the test for him even if it is embarrassing. But he doesn’t know where to go and he would like to talk it through anyway as he isn’t sure what to tell his girlfriend.
  • James wants to go home for the rest of the lockdown but his elderly grandad lives with his parents in Merthyr. He knows that Ralph and Kai haven’t been good about the self isolating rules and is worried that if he goes back home he might be a risk for his grandad’s chest problems as he has COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). James is worried about his grandad.
  • Kai has been partying and recently had a tattoo done by a friend at a party. It is looking a bit sore and he now feels a bit of an idiot for having it done. He has a bit of a temperature and isn’t sure if this might be coronavirus or if his tattoo is making him feel unwell. He doesn’t know if he should go to A&E or not.
What we did in this kind of situation:
  • CHCs across Wales spoke to WG about sexual health services to make sure that there was some kind of on-going provision. We advised that unplanned pregnancies needed to be discussed within a limited time frame and people could not delay asking for advice. Other sexual health services were also important to prevent illness spreading and people needed to be able to access this.
  • CHCs across Wales told WG that many people didn’t mind undertaking some DIY care such as doing swabs or sending samples off. But this was a worry for some people and therefore the DIY approach should not be the only option.
  • CHCs across Wales discussed with WG how people needed support and advice in choosing which NHS services they used.

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